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Zenly is an app to find your friends in real time. You, the user, decide how long you want to broadcast your location and exactly what information you want to display (like your battery level, for example).

The app's main objective is to provide an extra layer of security when a friend is returning home late at night or in similar situations. Thanks to Zenly, you can see where that person is at all times and you'll know the instant he or she reaches the destination.

In the options you can find a privacy section where you can customize the information you want to offer about yourself. From the options you can also select the type of map and the unit of measure you prefer to use for distances.

Zenly is an interesting app that clearly only works if you have friends who use it too. Fortunately (or unfortunately), you can invite contacts directly from the app.
By Sarah
Zenly: Share your location with friends

Geolocation has probably gotten you out of a lots of tight spots when it comes to getting oriented. Now imagine making that geolocation data visible in real time within a closed grouped and you come up with tools as interesting as Zenly. This free app lets you view friends' positions on a map, as well as their battery status or their latest detected position. "What's that good for?" you ask. Well, if you think about it, lots of things.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher